Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes :

Most children love being told Nursery Rhymes. The most popular rhymes are listed here. Even elders love to hear these rhymes. They are sweet to our ears forever. These rhymes speak volumes about the interest shown by the education department to enthuse the children to speak out.

The list is clearly not exhaustive but it is believed that a good cross section of famous poems for children have been included. We have selected the most famous Nursery Rhymes for children. We have done our best to collect all the Nursery Rhymes from all sources and add them here for your reference. The addition of more and more rhymes is going on everyday.

These Nursery Rhymes for children have been passed down over the years and due to the short nature of the verse can easily be remembered by most children from a very early age. Analysis of these Nursery Rhymes will reflect the historical background in which these Nursery Rhymes were written.

  1. Baa Baa Black Sheep - 1
  2. Baa Baa Black Sheep - 2
  3. "Baa, Baa," says The Sheep.
  4. Baa Baa Black Sheep - Alternative Version
  5. Baby and I
  6. Baby Dolly
  7. Baby Things
  8. Ballad of The Jelly-Cake
  9. Bandy Legs
  10. Barber Barber
  11. Barney Bodkin
  12. Bat Bat Come Under My Hat
  13. Bear Went Over The Mountain
  14. Bedtime
  15. Beg Parding Mrs Harding
  16. Bells
  17. Bell Horses
  18. Bessies Song To Her Doll
  19. Bessy Bell and Mary Gray
  20. Betty Botter Bought Some Butter
  21. Betty Bought A Bit O Butter
  22. Big Ship Sails
  23. Billy Billy
  24. Billy Boy
  25. Bingo
  26. Bird Scarer
  27. Bird Song
  28. Birds of A Feather
  29. Birds of a feather flock together.
  30. Birthday Poem to WIFE
  31. Bits of Paper - 1
  32. Bits of Paper - 2
  33. Black I Am and Much Admired
  34. Blacksmith
  35. Bless You Bless
  36. Blind Mans Buff
  37. Block City
  38. Blow Wind Blow
  39. Blue Bell Boy
  40. Bo Peep and Boy Blue
  41. Bobby Shaftos Gone To Sea
  42. Bonnie Bee
  43. Bonny Sailor Boy
  44. Booman
  45. Bow Wow
  46. Bow-Vow says The Dog.
  47. Bow- Wow says the dog.
  48. Bow Wow Wow - 1
  49. Bow Wow Wow - 2
  50. Boxing Is Not Hard At All.
  51. Boy and Girl
  52. Boy and The Sparrow
  53. Boys and Girls
  54. Bread and Milk
  55. Brian O Lin
  56. Bring Back Your Sheep
  57. Brow Bender
  58. Brown Bear! Brown Bear!!
  59. Buckingham Palace
  60. Burnie Bee
  61. Butterfly, Butterfly, flutter around.
  62. Buttercup Poppy Forget Me Not
  63. Buttons
  64. Bye-Baby Bunting

Nursery Rhymes