Oil Exploration on The High Sea

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Oil Exploration on The High Sea

When oil is discovered below the ocean bed, it has to be extracted from below the sea. This is done with the help of an oilrig. The oil extracted is then pumped in large oil carrying ship called oil tankers which carry the crude oil to refineries on the shores.

Let's make a model of oil exploration. For this you require some ply board, a large glass fish tank, four large plastic bottles, modelling clay, string, round file, scissors, glue, adhesive tape, cutting knife and, four paper clips.

Take the four water bottles and fix two pieces of adhesive tapes 1.5 inches apart a little above the base of bottles. Make two holes through the patches of adhesive tape and file the crosses in the shape holes of 0.5 inches diameter. Draw circles of same size of the bottle necks, arc the 4 corners of the piece of ply board and cut the circles. Remove the bottle tops and insert each bottle neck through the hole and secure the necks in holes with glue or adhesive tapes.

Now place the modelling clay on the bottom of the tank to resemble the ocean bed. Put water in the tank. Now float the rig in the tank and make it steady with hand. Water will fill in the bottles as the bottle tapes are removed. The rig will now sink to the bottom and will support the platform above the surface. You have prepared a submersible rig. For converting it into semi submersible rig, remove the rig from the tank. Fill the tank with more water.

Tie a clip to each bottle by passing string through the holes in the bottles and place the rig to float on the sea. Once the bottles are half filled place the bottle caps. The rig will now partially sink. Now anchor the rig in place using clips.
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