One Word for Many

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This list provides the One Word for Many.

A BALL of string

A BAR of soap

A BUNCH of flowers

A CLASS of students

A CLOUD of mosquitoes

A CREW of soldiers

A DOSE of medicine

A FLIGHT of birds

A FLOCK of sheep

A GANG of workmen

A HERD of cattle

A LUMP of clay

A PACK of cards

A PACK of wolves

A PAIR of boots

A PAIR of shoes

A PAIR of pants

A PAIR of socks

A PAIR of trousers

A PAIR of compasses

A PAIR of spectacles

A PAIR of eye-glasses

A REGIMENT of soldiers

A SCHOOL of whales

A SHOAL of fish

A SLICE of bread

A SUIT of clothes

A SWARM of flies

A TUFT of hair

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