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  1. Label (n): a ticket, a title, address, a piece of paper describing something

  2. Label (v) : name the parts

  3. Labial (adj.): pertaining to the lips

  4. Laborious (adj.) : industrious, diligent, hard

  5. Labour (n) : work, pains of child birth

  6. Labour (v) : toil

  7. Labourer (n) : a worker

  8. Labrador (n) : a kind of black dog

  9. Labyrinth (n) : network of winding roads

  10. Lac (n): a dark resin or red gum, lakh (in India)

  11. Lace (n): thong tie, ornamental thread work

  12. Lacerate (v) : to tear, to wound

  13. Laches (n) : neglect

  14. Lack (v): be in want

  15. Lack (n) : deficiency, need, want

  16. Lackadaisical (adj.): appearance lazy

  17. Lackey (n) : a foot man, an attendant, menial

  18. Lacquey (n) : a foot man, an attendant, menial

  19. Laconic (adj.): concise, short

  20. Lactic (adj.) : pertaining to milk

  21. Lacuna (n): a blank; (pl) : lacunae

  22. Lad (n): a boy

  23. Ladder (n): a portable frame with steps by which one may climb or down

  24. Laden (adj.): burdened, loaded

  25. Ladle (n) : large deep cup-shaped spoon

  26. Lady (n): female, a woman of noble birth, a female of rank or position

  27. Lag (v): move or walk too slowly

  28. Lagoon (n) : a shallow lake (salt water) separated from sea or river

  29. Lain (v) : past participle of LIE

  30. Lair (n) : den or resting place of wild animals

  31. Laity (n) : common people, laymen

  32. Lake (n) : a large inland body of water

  33. Lakh (n) : measure of one hundred thousand

Online Dictionary for 17th June :
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