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  1. Latch (n) : a fastening

  2. Latch (v) : to fasten with a latch

  3. Lately (adv): after the usual time, recently

  4. Latent (adj.): implicit, hidden

  5. Lateral (adj.): belonging to the side, side ward

  6. Latex (n): the juice or sop of plants

  7. Lath (n): thin strip of wood

  8. Lather (n): suds, froth from soap and water

  9. Lather (v) : form froth

  10. Latin (n): a language of ancient Rome

  11. Latrine (n): a privy, urinal

  12. Latter (adj.): recent, last of two

  13. Lattice (n): a network of crossed bars

  14. Laud (v): praise, applaud

  15. Laudable (adj.): praiseworthy

  16. Laudanum (n) : tincture of opium

  17. Laughter (n): chucking, ridicule, laughing

  18. Laundry (n): a place of washing

  19. Laureate (n): the court poet

  20. Laurel (n): a kind of evergreen plant the leaves of which were worn by victors, victory

  21. Lava (n): molten matter from a volcano

  22. Lavatory (n) : water-closet, a place or rock for washing purpose

  23. Lave rock (n) : the lark

  24. Lavish (adj.): extravagant

  25. Law (n): rule of conduct and action

  26. Lawful (adj.): fair, right

  27. Law-abiding (adj.): observing the law

  28. Lawless (adj.): violent, disorderly

  29. Lawmaker (v): law giver

  30. Lawn (v): meadow, sward, pleasure ground, fine linen

  31. Lawyer (n): advocate one learned in law

  32. Lax (adj.): loose, not strict

  33. Laxative (n): mild purgative medicine

  34. Laxity (n) : looseness

  35. Layer (n) : stratum, bed

  36. Layette (n) : an infant’s complete outfit

  37. Lazar (n) : a person with a dreadful disease

  38. Lazy (adj.) : idle

  39. Lea (n): meadow, lawn

  40. Lead (n) : a soft grey metal

  41. Lead (v) : guide, control, cause to pass through

  42. Leaden (adj.): made of lead, like lead, dull

  43. Leader (n): one who leads, the main article in a news paper

  44. Leading (adj.): occupying an important position

  45. Leaf (n) : one of the external parts of a plant or tree, a division of a flat body as the leaf of the book

  46. League (n): union, a distance of nearly 3 miles

Online English Dictionary for 19th June :
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