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Our Online Geometry Tutoring program (Math) is designed to help you get the desired grade by mastering the subject.

Get help in understanding algebra, calculus, pre-calculus, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, probability, linear programming, discrete mathematics for students of all grades from KG-12 to College.

Geometry is an interesting area of Math that requires a proper understanding of the basics. The fundamentals of Triangles, rectangles and rectilinear figures need to be properly taught in order to understand higher concepts. Learn Geometry online with our team of highly qualified and experienced tutors. Transition from basic Geometry to advanced concepts and get help with your homework too with our team of tutors.

  1. Lines Angles and Triangles

  2. Straightlines and Family of Straightlines

  3. Cartesion System of Rectangular Coordinates

  4. Angles at a Point

  5. Simple Construction

  6. Parallel Lines

  7. Triangles

  8. Isosceles Triangles

  9. Congruent Triangles

  10. Midpoint Theorem

  11. Inequalities (Triangles)

  12. Rectilinear Figures

  13. Area Theorems

  14. Parallelograms

  15. Similarity

  16. Loci and Concurrency Theorems

  17. Concurrent Lines in a Triangle

  18. Pythagoras

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