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Data analysis provides a means for evaluation of collected observations and information. Data analysis is simply the act of transforming data into useful information and facilitating conclusions. Statistics is about a collection of information and its presentation and about drawing inferences from these. We come across facts and figures in the newspapers, television and the radio. The numerical figures are called "the data". If we have to draw good inferences from information collected, it has to be presented properly. Probability is the branch of Mathematics that measures the likelihood that an event will happen. The word Probability comes from the Latin word probate (to prove, or to test).

  1. Statistics

  2. Graphical Representation

  3. Statistics : Graphical Representation

  4. Statistics XI

  5. Measures of Central Tendency

  6. Permutations and Combinations

  7. Probability - I

  8. Probability (continued)

  9. Linear Programming

  10. Deterministic Experiment

  11. Random Experiment

  12. Trial

  13. Sample Space

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