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Online Thesaurus for 9th August :

  1. Patrol (n) : the marching round of soldiers, guard

  2. Patron (n) : one who protects, supports or encourages

  3. Patronize (v) : support, encourage

  4. Patter (v) : to make a tapping sound, to make rapid sounds

  5. Pattern (n) : a model, a design, example

  6. Paucity (n) : fewness, scarcity, insufficiently

  7. Paunch (n) : the belly

  8. Pauper (n) : one who has little means of livelihood, a very poor person

  9. Pause ((n) : stop for a time, rest

  10. Pause (v) : hesitate, stop, deliberate

  11. Pave (v) : to lay stone etc, on the road to form a level surface

  12. Pavement (n) : a paved road, a paved path

  13. Pavilion (n): a large tent

  14. Paw (n) : the foot of a beast that has claws or nails

  15. Paw (v) : scrap with foot

  16. Pawl (n) : short bar used to prevent a toothed wheel from running back

  17. Pawn (n) : security for money lent, pledge

  18. Pawn (v) : mortgage, deposit as security fro(money)loan

  19. Pawnbroker (n) : a money lender on pledge

  20. Pay (v) : to reward, to give money for service rendered

  21. Pay (n) : salary wages

  22. Payable (adj.): that ought to be paid

  23. Payee (n) : person to whom something is to be paid

  24. Paymaster (n) : official responsible for paying troops, workers etc.

  25. Payment (n) : act of paying , the sum paid, reward, punishment

  26. Pea (n) : a plant of the bean-kind

  27. Peace (n) : quietness, calmness

  28. Peaceful (adj.) : calm, quiet

  29. Peach (n) : a juicy fruit

  30. Peacock (n) : a large male bird with fine tall feathers

  31. Peahen (n) : female peacock

  32. Peak (n) : the highest point, climax

  33. Peal (n) : loud rising sound of a bell, loud echoing noise

  34. Peal (v) : cause to sound loudly

  35. Pearl (n): a silvery hard shining gem from oyster

  36. Peasant (n): a country labourer

  37. Peat (n) : decayed vegetable matter

  38. Pebble (n) : a small smooth and round stone

  39. Peck (v) : strike with the beak, pick up like a bird, a measure of two gallons

  40. Peculiar (adj.) : special, singular, one’s own

  41. Peculiarity (n) : queerness, special feature, strangeness

  42. Pecuniary (adj.): relating to money

  43. Pedagogue (n): a teacher

  44. Pedagogy (n) : the science of teaching or imparting, instruction

Online Thesaurus for 9th August :
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