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Online Vocabulary for 11th July :

  1. Money (n) : metal stamped into coins used for payments, currency note, wealth

  2. Monger (n) : a trader, dealer

  3. Mongoose (n) : a big squirrel-like animal which is known to kill poisonous snakes

  4. Mungoose (n) : a big squirrel-like animal which is known to kill poisonous snakes

  5. Mongrel (n); dog of mixed breed, plant or animal of mixed origin

  6. Monitor (n): mentor, a kind of warship

  7. Monk (n): a male member of a religious community under vow of celibacy

  8. Monkey (n): an animal closely resembling man

  9. Monkey (v) : act mischievously

  10. Monocle (n) : single eye glass

  11. Monogamy (n) : practice of being married to only one person at a time

  12. Monogram (n) : two or more letters combined into a single design

  13. Monolith (n): a large single stone which is carved into same figure

  14. Monologue (n) : speech in a play, etc., by only one person

  15. Monoplane (n) : an aeroplane with one wing on each side of the fuselage

  16. Monopolize (v) : acquire the right exclusively to oneself

  17. Monopoly (n) : sole right, a controlled product

  18. Monosyllable (n): a word of one syllable

  19. Monotheism (n): belief that there is only one god

  20. Monotonous (adj.): uninteresting, unchanging, without variety, uniform

  21. Monotype (n) : composing-machine that casts and sets up type

  22. Monseigneur (n) : French title given to a person of high rank

  23. Monsieur (n): Sir, a title of courtesy

  24. Monsoon (n) : a seasonal wind

  25. Monster (n): anything horrible from ugliness or wickedness

  26. Monstrous (adj.) : horrible, huge, unnatural

  27. Month (n) : the twelfth part of a year

  28. Monthly (adj.) : occurring every month, coming out once in a month

  29. Monument (n) : a memorial built in memory of a person or an event

  30. Monumental (adj.) : memorial, commemorative

  31. Mood (n): manner, state of the mind, a form of the verb to show its function

  32. Moon (n) : the heavenly body which revolves round the earth and shines at night

  33. Moor (n) : uncultivated land

  34. Moorings ( : the articles (chain, ropes, etc.) required to hold a ship in position

  35. Moose (v) : North American deer like animal

  36. Moot (v) : bring forward for discussion

  37. Moot (adj.) : disputable, debatable

  38. Mop (n) : a duster

  39. Mop (v) : dust, clean up

Online Vocabulary for 11th July :
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