Here is the largest collection of the Oxymorons beginning with ~ E ~.

Easy labor (childbirth)
Easy Payments
Easy Problem
Easy Task
Easy To Follow Directions
Economic Forecast
Economic Reform
Economic Stability
Educated Consumer
Educated Guess
Educational Administration
Educational Television
Educational TV
Effective Compassion
Elected King
Elementary Calculus
Elevated Subway
Elite Rabble
Eloquent Silence
Energetic Exhaustion
Enough Time
Enormously Small
Enquiring Minds
Entertaining Sermon
Enthusiastic Indifference
Environmentalist Bumper Sticker
Equally Diverse
Equal Justice
Equal Opportunity
Ergonomic Keyboard
Escaped Inmate
Eschew Obfuscation
Essential Luxury
Essential Service
Eternal Life
Ethical Hackers
Ethiopian Feast
Ethnic Cleansing
European Community
Evaporated Milk
Even Odds
Evolutionary Fact
Evolutionary Technology
Evolutionary Theory
Exact Estimate
Executive Assistant
Executive Decision
Executive Secretary
Expected Serendipity
Expected Surprise
Expect the Unexpected
Explicit Innuendo
Explicitly Ambiguous
Express Bus
Express Line
Express Mail
Express Ways
Expressive Silence
Extended Deadline
Extensive Briefing
Extinct Life Form
Extra Ordinary
Extra Money
Extra Time
Extremely Average
Extremely Bland
Extremely Neutral
Eyes Wide Shut

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