Here is the largest collection of Oxymorons beginning with ~ U ~.

UN Designated Safe Haven
Unacceptable Solution
Unbelievably Real
Unbiased Journalism
Unbiased News Report
Unbiased Opinion
Unbiased Predisposition
Uncommonly Common
Uncommonly Normal
Uncontested Divorce
Uncrowned King
Under Abundance
Understanding Editors
Understanding Unix
Undocumented Report
Unfunny Joke
Unhappily Married
Uninvited Guest
Union Workers
United Anarchist
United Nations
University Funding
Unique Uniforms
Unknown Identity
Unknown Knowledge
Upcoming Downtrend
Upside Down
Unrepeatable Pleonasm
Unsalted Saltines
Unsalable Stock
Unsolved Mystery
Unspoken Suggestion
Unsung Hero
Unusual Routine
Unwanted Baby
Unwelcome Greetings
Unwelcome Recess
Useful Oxymoron
User Friendly
Usually Unusual
Usually Spectacular

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