Parenting : The Best Art

Parenting is the highest art that we have to master in time to make this world a better place to live.

Self-Esteem refers to how we feel about ourselves -- our value and worth in our own opinion. The higher our self-esteem, the more confident we are. The same holds true for children. Those with higher self-esteem are happier, more co-operative and open to new things, more secure and loving than those with low self-esteem.
The Upper Most responsibility in the art of Parenting is to boost the Self-Esteem of your child.

Here are 15 ways to boost your child's self-esteem.

You might be doing your child a favor by giving him/her the power to make choices, from a young age. This practice could make him/her more independent and groom him/her to be a better decision-maker, someday.

Can Your Child take smart decisions?

Even before a child reaches the right age, many parents feel stressed just thinking about school admissions. Most tend to send their children to schools they have either attended themselves, or one the neighboring children are in.

Choose The right school for your child.

The use of abusive words or foul language is becoming increasingly common among the younger generation today. Most of us have, at some point, experienced a child swearing but, when it comes to dealing with it, we often don't know what to do.

How to protect your child from Foul Language?

I have hardly met a child in recent times with good eating habits. When I visited my child's class at lunch time, 37 kids opened their Tiffin boxes at 12.10 to reveal an array of junk food.

Let your child eat healthy.

But when it comes to teaching them faith, the going is tougher. I can only communicate my adherence -- a kind of faith -- in principles, like vegetarianism or good thought, etc.

How do you bring up your child to be religious?

The end of December means, among other things, that it is time for the Christmas vacation. Most children will have a 10-12 day break -- not long enough for traveling, but long enough for you to rack your brains thinking of ways to keep them entertained.

Funny ways to spend the vacation.

Young children find it difficult to manage negative emotions like frustration, anger or disappointment. They often express themselves by crying, screaming or stomping up and down.

Managing your child's temper tantrums is an Art.

How about adding a few parenting resolutions that can help make you a more effective parent?Here are some tips you may consider making to help your child lead a healthy and happy life.

10 important parenting resolutions.

My in-laws have never been very comfortable with having vegetarian nieces and granddaughters. What do you think?

Should parents be allowed to make such decisions for their children?

If you constantly teach them the value of what they have, show them how to take care of it and make them realize that once the item is damaged, or not taken care of, it will not replaced, you are on the road to having unspoilt kids.

Here are just a few things that I do to instill the right values.

A special relationship with books has, I feel, made my kids gentler, wiser and kinder. It keeps them busy and they do not rely on television for entertainment even when they are alone at home.

How to make your child a good reader?

Many children, especially in cities today, want the moon for their birthday.Recently, an article in one of the national dailies talked about the harrowing experience one mother had whilst celebrating her little girl's birthday.

How to manage pester power of your child?

There are some subjects you are uncomfortable with, and other that subjects you find tough. But check any student Web site or online group and you will probably find that one of the most loathed subjects is -- surprise -- English!

Here are a few tips to master English subject.

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