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Past Perfect Tense :

General Form : Subject + had + Past participle

Examples :

  1. I had gone to bed when someone rang the bell.

  2. The wounded person had already died when the ambulance arrived.

  3. When we reached the airport, the place had already left.

  4. We had taken our seats in the hall when the film star arrived.

  5. We reached the railway station after the train had left.

  6. After the tailor had taken the measurements, he cut the clothes.

  7. They left the place after the sun had set.

  8. After the boy had plucked the flowers, he ran away.

  9. The driver started the bus started the bus after I got into it.

  10. Barath had prepared thoroughly before he went to the examination.

  11. We had reached home before it began to rain.

  12. The patient had died before the doctor came.

  13. The farmers had finished reaping wheat before the storm came.

  14. He had finished the experiment before the electricity failed.

The Past Perfect Tense is used to describe an action completed before a certain period / point of time in the past.

Examples :

1. We had taken our dinner by eight.

2. The plane had arrived before ten O’clock.

3. By lunch time the batsman had scored sixty five runs.

4. By two O’clock the teachers had valued all the answer papers.

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