What does the word Pejorative mean and How is the word pronounced?

By Mr. Ben, Italy (19th Dec.2006).

The "e" in the first syllable and the "i" in the fourth syllable are pronounced like the "i" in "it", "bit", and "sit". The "o" sounds like the "o" in "hot", "not", and "lot", while the following "a" is like the "a" in "china". The final "e" is silent and the main stress is on the second syllable. Know what the word means? A pejorative word or expression is one which expresses criticism of someone or something. Pejorative is generally used in formal contexts.

Here are a few examples.

* Benny made several pejorative comments about the way the matter was handled.

* My teacher thinks that "Yankee" is a pejorative term.

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