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Personal Letters :

Write a letter to your friend describing your visit to holiday resort.


24th July 2005.

Dear Geetha,

I am fine here, How are you? I have received your letter during 3rd week of May. For this year's holidays, I went to Bangalore with my parents and stayed in our uncle’s house for a week.

We went to Vidhan Sowdha which is one of the famous assemblies in India. Then we visited Lal Park, Cubban Park, Zoo, Sir C.V. Raman Museum, Plantorium and also M.G. Road Bazaar in Bangalore city. Really I enjoyed going to the capital city of Karnataka.

Next day we visited Tippr Sultan Palace and Mysore Dam which are very beautiful and monumental places. Really Bangalore is a flower city which is good memory in my life. If possible please try to go to Bangalore at least one time. Rest in next.

With love.

Yours loving friend,

R. Uma

Address on the envelope :

To :

N. Geetha,
19, Nethaji Road,

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