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The ROOT-WORD is PHOBIA which comes from Greek word Phobos which means IRRATIONAL FEAR.

macrophobia : long waits

mageirocophobia : cooking

maieusiophobia : childbirth

malaxophobia : love play

maniaphobia : insanity

mastigophobia : punishment

mechanophobia : machines

megalophobia : large things

melanophobia : the color black

melissophobia : bees

melophobia : fear or hatred of music

meningitophobia : brain disease

menophobia : menstruation

merinthophobia : being bound or tied up

metallophobia : metal

metathesiophobia : changes

meteorophobia : meteors

methyphobia : alcohol

metrophobia : fear or hatred of poetry

microbiophobia : microbes (bacillophobia)

microphobia : small things

misophobia : being contaminated with dirt of germs

mnemophobia : memories

molysmophobia : dirt or contamination

monopathophobia : definite disease

monophobia : solitude or being alone

motorphobia : automobiles

mottephobia : moths

musophobia : mice

mycophobia : fear or aversion to mushrooms

mycrophobia : small things

myctophobia : darkness

myrmecophobia : ants

mysophobia : germs or contamination or dirt

mythophobia : myths or stories or false statements

myxophobia : slime (blennophobia)
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