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The ROOT-WORD is PHOBIA which comes from Greek word Phobos which means IRRATIONAL FEAR.

pagophobia: ice or frost

panophobia: everything

panthophobia: disease

pantophobia: fears

Papaphobia: the pope

papyrophobia: paper

paralipophobia: neglecting duty

paraphobia: sexual perversion

parasitophobia: parasites

paraskavedekatriaphobia: Friday the 13th

parthenophobia: virgins or young girls

parturiphobia: childbirth

pathophobia: disease

patroiophobia: heredity

peccatophobia: sinning (imaginary crime)

pediculophobia: lice

pediophobia: dolls

pedophobia: children

peladophobia: bald people

pellagrophobia: pellagra

peniaphobia: poverty

pentheraphobia: mother-in-law

phagophobia: swallowing

phalacrophobia: becoming bald

phallophobia: a penis, esp erect

pharmacophobia: taking medicine

pharmacophobia: drugs

phasmophobia: ghosts

phengophobia: daylight or sunshine

philemaphobia: kissing

philophobia: falling in love

philosophobia: philosophy

phobophobia: one's own fears

phonophobia: noises or voices

photoaugliaphobia: glaring lights

photophobia: light

phronemophobia: thinking

phthiriophobia: lice (pediculophobia)

phthisiophobia: tuberculosis

pinigerophobia: smothering

placophobia: tombstones

plutophobia: wealth

pluviophobia: rain or of being rained on

pneumatiphobia: spirits

pnigophobia: choking or being smothered

pocrescophobia: gaining weight (obesophobia)

pogonophobia: beards

poinephobia: punishment

poliosophobia: contracting poliomyelitis

politicophobia: politicians

polyphobia: many things

ponophobia: overworking or of pain

porphyrophobia: the color purple

potamophobia: rivers or running water

potophobia: alcohol

proctophobia: rectum

prosophobia: progress

psellismophobia: stuttering

psychophobia: mind

psychrophobia: cold

pteromerhanophobia: flying

pteronophobia: being tickled by feathers

pupaphobia: puppets pyrexiophobia

pyrophobia: fire
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