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Fill in the blanks choosing the right phrase prepositions from the list given in brackets.

(in front of, in spite of, in line with, in stead of, in place of, in course of, in the middle, at the risk of, along with, on account of, owing to, by dint of, on the part of)

  1. Madhavi is very beautiful __________ her sister.

  2. A pronoun is a word used __________ a noun.

  3. The State Government is making all arrangements __________ pollution control.

  4. Sachin gave up his captaincy __________ Ganguly.

  5. Today Sachin is __________ all other batsmen.

  6. Even __________ crisis Sachin remained unfazed.

  7. Whatever the press may write Sachin is only __________ Bradman.

  8. Sachin rose to the top __________ his commitment and Hard work.

  9. Sachin walked out __________ the second day.

  10. Sachin had to miss one or two matches __________ injury.

  11. __________ Ganguly, he has set up many records.

  12. Sachin always performs to be __________ publicity.


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