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  • Cockney Rhyming Slang like apples and pears and currant bun.

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  • Earmark Something

  • Earn One's Stripes

  • Easy as pie

  • Eat one's words

  • Eat your heart out

  • Eating Crow

  • Eating Humble Pie

  • Egg on your face

  • Eleventh Hour

  • Even Steven

  • Everything but the kitchen sink

  • Everything's Jake

  • Every Tom, Dick, and Harry

  • The Early Bird catches the worm

  • Extraordinary Rendition

  • Excuse my French

  • Excuse me while I kiss this guy

  • Ear Candy

  • I'll Eat My Hat

  • Eaten out of house and home

  • Economical with the truth

  • Egg On

  • Eighty Six

  • Elementary my dear Watson

  • The Elephant in The Room

  • Elvis has left the building

  • Et Tu Brute

  • Ethnic Cleansing

  • Even at the turning of the tide

  • Everybody Out

  • Exceedingly Well Read

  • The Exception that proves the rule

  • Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog

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