Our database is made from Phrases, Idioms and Sayings that are in common use in English. Basically that includes anything that most people will have heard before and will recognise the meaning of.

  • The many thousands of phrases that are used every day in colloquial speech, like the whole nine yards, go for it and kiss and make up.

  • Cockney Rhyming Slang like apples and pears and currant bun.

  • The list is long and comprehensive and currently contains more than 1,000 entries. We continuously add new phrases as they become known and as a subscriber you will also have the option of sending them to us.

    Whether you want to resolve a friendly argument over how a saying or phrase originated or whether you just enjoy words, you'll probably find something here to interest you. Are you a professional writer? If so, you may find that these Pages could make your life easier.

    This is the largest collection of Phrases beginning with

  • Walk The Plank

  • Warts and All

  • Wake Up Living

  • We are a Grandmother

  • We are not Amused

  • Wearing your heart on your sleeve

  • We Few, we happy few, we band of brothers

  • We Have Seen Better Days

  • We Know where you live

  • Wear The Trousers

  • Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

  • Weasel Words

  • Wee-Wee

  • Well-Heeled

  • Well You're Not Missing Much

  • Wet behind the ears

  • What A Piece of work is man

  • What Are You like?

  • What God Has joined together let no man put asunder

  • What is not to like?

  • What is the skinny?

  • What is up Doc?

  • What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other...

  • What Part of no don't you understand?

  • What You See is what you get

  • When It Comes to the crunch

  • When The Chips Are Down

  • When The Shit hits the fan

  • Where There is muck there's brass

  • Whet Your Appetite

  • While You Live, tell truth and shame the Devil!

  • Whipping Boy

  • Whistle down the wind

  • Whistle For It

  • As White As Snow

  • White Bread

  • White Elephant

  • The Whole Kit and Caboodle

  • The Whole Nine Yards

  • The Whole Shebang

  • Whoops-a-Daisy

  • A Wide Berth

  • Widow's Peak

  • Wild and Woolly

  • Wild Goose Chase

  • Wild Goose Chase : 2

  • Willy-Nilly

  • Win Hands Down

  • Win One for The Gipper

  • Wing and a prayer

  • Wing It

  • Wish You Were Here

  • With a grain of salt

  • With Bated Breath

  • Woe is Me

  • A Wolf in sheep's clothing

  • A Woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle

  • Women and Children First

  • Wool Gathering

  • Word Association Football

  • Word for Word

  • A Word in your shell-like

  • Words Ending in GRY

  • Work to a deadline

  • Worth Its Salt

  • Would Not Touch with a barge-pole

  • The Writing is on the wall

  • Wrong End of the stick

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