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Pie-Chart :

Study the Pie-Chart and answer the questions by choosing the best options. Annual Expenditure of Mr. Robert’s family to the tune of Rs.48,000 for the year represented.


  1. The Roberts spent……….for taxes per year.

    (a) Rs.38,000

    (b) Rs.18,240

    (c) Rs.18,000

    (d) Rs.48,000

    ANSWER : b

  2. The minimum amount of expenditure of Robert’s household was in….

    (a) Savings

    (b) house rent

    (c) food

    (d) clothing

    ANSWER : a

  3. Mr. Robert was able to save…….

    (a) Rs. 33,600

    (b) Rs. 3,360

    (c) Rs. 360

    (d) Rs. 3,630

    ANSWER : b

  4. The amount Mr. Robert spent on house rent was

    (a) Rs.3,600

    (b) Rs.18,00000

    (c) Rs.2,400

    (d) Rs.8,640

    ANSWER : d

  5. This pie-graph shows that.

    (a) Mr. Robert is a spendthrift.

    (b) Tax rates are higher even for the middle income group.

    (c) Mr. Robert is a miser.

    (d) Mr. Robert does not account for certain items properly.

    ANSWER : b

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