Plan of Kishan

Plan of Kishan :

Kishan was a poor farmer. One of his oxen died. Kishan decided to sell the other ox to a friend in the city.

As Kishan was going back to the village after selling the ox, he passed through a forest. Four dacoits blocked his way. They wanted to rob him. They took his money. Then they thought that if they would let him go, he would complain in the police station. So they tried to kill him.

But Kishan was clever. He laughed aloud and said, "Try your best. But you cannot kill me. An astrologer has said that four blind men will kill me."

All the four dacoits covered their eyes with a cloth to kill him, but Kishan ran off.

The dacoits realized this and followed him. By then, Kishan had reached the main road where he saw a police jeep. He told the police everything about the four dacoits. So within a short span of time, the police arrested the dacoits. Kishan got his money back and a reward of ten thousand rupees was given to him which he spent on buying new oxen, new cart and a new hut.

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