Changing Shapes of Lands

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Things required : Watermelon, pumpkin, grape, apple, black grape, currant, black currant and orange.

As you know that there are nine planets in our solar system varying in their sizes. Let's compare their sizes.

Experiment : Draw nine circles on the ground. The circles should have a common centre. Show the orbits of planets.

Now place following fruits in their respective position. Starting from the innermost circle -black currant (Mercury), black grape (Venus), grape (Earth), Currant (Mars), Watermelon (Jupiter), Pumpkin (Saturn), Grape fruit (Uranus), apple (Neptune), orange (Pluto). Instead of using fruits, balls of different size e.g. Football, Tennis ball etc. can also be used.

Changing Shapes of Lands

Things required : Modelling clay, table, talcum powder

Experiment : Take modelling clay of different colours. On a table sprinkle some talcum powder and now one by one lay down the layers of different colours one above the other in the form of stack. Now, if you push the stack from both sides, it will rise in the middle forming a hill in the middle. This is the way the rocks rise to form mountains. Now cut the layers in an angle and insert piece of card below the pieces of clay stack on outer sides. This is how land on sides rises while the middle one sinks to form rift valley.

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