Pleasures in My Life

Pleasures in My Life :

I am young and I love life. So everything that life offers is source a joy for me. Like Sherlock Holmes, the hero of Conan Doyle’s detective novels, I can elicit much amusement from looking at an old hat lying on a dunghill. Like Wordsworth, the famous English poet, I can find tongues in trees, brooks into her running books and sermons in stones. Like Keats, I feel that truths are beauty and beauty is truth.

Coming own to our day-do-day life I enjoy relishing an ice cream. What a fun it is! As one likes it cold sweet syrup moves down one’s throat, the tongue feels sensations. The cavity of the mouth becomes an air-conditioned cabin. Biting the cone gives another type of enjoyment. One’s teeth seem to be frozen but crushing the ice candy under the teeth is quite enjoyable.

Being a bachelor, I enjoy the strange creatures called married people. When I find the poor husband carrying the baby and the wife carrying her purse I feel like crying, ‘what man has made of himself"? The wife places the orders and the husband carries the bundles. I feel amused when I find even a strict commander commanded by his wife. Moreover, they consider the bachelors unlucky persons who should be treated as jealous outcastes. But I think that they are like that jackal who lost its tail and considered himself to be the king of the jungle.

I enjoy riding a bicycle down a hill. With lifted feet I seem to be giving in the air. I fly like a bird with bushes and stones rushing backward. The sinuous road gives me the thrill of moving like a snake but with the pace of an arrow. Deep valley on one side and a huge mouse on the other make me to think of the ups and downs of lie. How much disappointed do I feel when I reach the leveled ground! How much do I have such a fall!

Pleasures in My Life