Pleasures of Reading

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Pleasures of Reading :

Man is a thinking animal. With the passing of time, man’s mind is becoming more important than his emotion or feelings. If brain is the work so much it needs some rest. Reading gives rest to the mind but it should be reading for pleasure and not as a duty.

According to Bacon, READING MAKES A FULL MAN. Man develops his personality through reading. If he reads novels and dramas he becomes capable of understanding life properly. Reading of poetry makes him imaginative. Reading of science helps him in becoming critical. History makes a man wise. Mathematics helps concentration of mind. Philosophy develops the talent of thinking. In this respect various aspects of personality can be developed through reading.

Reading helps us to live in our own world. It can take us away from the realities of life. We can live in the world of imagination. Similarly we can keep ourselves busy reading some books which give us intellectual satisfaction. The collection of knowledge is a very absorbing hobby. In this manner we forget the harsh realities of life.

Reading is hobby which can be pursued at anytime and at any place. An interesting book can be a good companion of a person travelling alone in a train. It can also be enjoyed late at night when a person does not get sleep. It can help a man to kill time. It gives him knowledge which helps in influencing others. Reading helps us to become more enlightened persons and good members of the society.

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