Plight of An Examination

Plight of An Examination :

Lord Christ once said. “Oh God don’t put me to test”. Examinations sap things of the students. They are an evil dream for them. Examinations make them to shudder and the fear of failure makes them unhappy. The desire to play as well as the tempting to enjoy seems to lose their intensity as soon as they think of examination.

Before the examination, they have to suspend all the pleasure giving activities. They do not go to the playground, cancel their picnics and forget about cinemas. They talk about books and questions and discuss about answering those questions. They will make many plans which they would implement after the examinations. Some of them perch on the trees. Others would sit in the room with doors all shut.

A night before the exmaintisn.s is a terrible night. One dreams of questions and the question papers. In the morning even those who do not believe in the god pray in front of the examination hall. One feels that everything has evaporated form his brain. One student would muse, “This question is sure shot.” Another would ask, “have you prepared these questions?” The beating of the heart increases as they enter the examination hall. In the examination hall they pray to god or revise their questions. If the question paper is difficult, glasses of water are ordered. The candidate perspires. If it is easy he starts writing and feels happy in solving the questions. But in this case also, he is really found unhappy because he fails short of time to finish his paper.

After the examination the sorrows stick to these students. He talks to his friends, “I was a bit confused” or “I could not finish the paper”. Even after all the tests are over a student does not feel satisfied. He counts his marks daily and things that he would get a second class. In this manner the dooms day - when the result is to be announced - comes. The candidate tries to find his roll number in the newspaper. If it is missing, he has to bear the taunting remarks of the neighbotus, friends and relatives. In case he gets through, he is never satisfied with the marks that he has secured. He would often be heard saying, “There is something wrong with the examiner. Perhaps my paper has been changed.” So sorrow and examination go side by side. Rather Examination means sorrows. Plight of An Examination never ends.

Plight of An Examination