Poem about BIRTH : Death and Birth

Poem about BIRTH : Death and Birth :

Death leads to birth rather than birth, to death.

Birth is close to death and not vice versa.

Every birth is at the result of a death.

Death to birth, not birth to death, is the path.

The death of clay is the birth of a pot;

The death of the pot is the birth of clay.

Ice melts to water and water forms ice.

In each conversion, occur death and birth.

The death of a night is the birth of a day;

The death of a day is the birth of a night.

New Year means the death of the old year too.

In each transition, takes place death and birth.

The death of a seed is the birth of a plant;

The death of gametes is the birth of an embryo.

Salts die to form cells; cells die to form salts.

In each growth, form death and birth of matter.

The so called death and birth is nothing but

Deaths and births of forms made of matter.

The matter itself does not die to be born

But is converted to different forms.

Elements disappear to form plants.

Plants as food add to the animals’ flesh.

Plants and animals on death liberate

As elements, serving through worms and germs.

When a child is born, there’s no birth of life.

The embryo transforms into a child.

When a man dies, there is no death of life.

The body disintegrates to salts.

Matter, energy and life have no death

They have got one birth since when they’ve been.

They interact and come different stages

In which the pattern is death and birth.

RM.Shanmugam Chettiar

Poem about BIRTH : Death and Birth