Poem about Fog : My View of Fog

Poem about Fog : My View of Fog :

People often view fog in one way only

I personally don't see it that way, and...

the feeling it conjures is more than just lonely

It's totally different...

as night is to day

It depends on your age and your state of mind

to be able to see fog in a different light

To see it one way only is to be partially blind

and most peoples vision is locked in...

too tight

Fog, coldly defined, is water suspended in air

And while defined so, gives no true definition, and yet

we know fog can defy easy description and,

can tiptoe soft as a kitten....or slither snake-like

from it's lair

To a child, fog's a soft, hidey-place plaything,

droplets of laughter, giggling out of the mist

hiding in nothing, giving seek a new twist..and

letting young imaginations

take wing

To young boys, almost men, fog's a tool to test mettle

in a graveyard, on a dare, all alone

fog and fear become one, and coldly come to settle

chilling young challengers

deep to the bone

To men at sea, fog's a curse and a bane

breaking out of the gloom, looms a tall prow

fog's become predator, a creature profane

bearing down on small boats

like a plow

To young lovers, a warm blanket, a caressing embrace

Soft arms of mist

massage and insist...that

limbs, fog, and lips


To city dwellers, who walk the streets late at night

Fog is a stalker

pursuing the walker

Waiting to pounce..when no one's

in sight

Ask any ten people, 'what's the odor of fog? ' And...

you'll get different replies, from ten different guys,

from brisk, briny sea smell, to smell of wet dog,

to perfume worn by Neptune, essence of clouds

and blue skies

I think that fog is something and nought.

A wraith of perception

suffused with deception

as easily at home.. in fact

or in thought

I hope in my musings, I've touched you with something

made you nod and agree

made you see things like me and...

if not, like the fog, well then...

It''s both something and nothing

and whatever you feel it to be

David Whalen

Poem about Fog : My View of Fog