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Poem about Golf : Golf Tees Lament

Poem about Golf : Golf Tees Lament :

Golf tees on my dresser

Golf tees in my bed

Golf tees on my pillows

Where they poke me in my head

Golf tees in my closet

Falling from my shirts and pants

Golf tees along the baseboards

Just like army ants

Golf tees in the carpet

And underneath my feet

Golf tees lined up on the mantle

Oh, they look so neat

Golf tees in my couch

And in my back and thighs

When I sit and watch TV

I feel those little guys

Golf tees in the kitchen

In Jurassic coffee mugs

Sometimes when I pass them

They look like prehistoric bugs.

Golf tees in the bathtub

Like sailors on plastic ships

Golf tee in her make-up

Like little bald q-tips.

Golf tees in the attic

Golf tees in the shed

Golf tees, golf tees everywhere

I wonder where they bred?

Golf tees out the backdoor

Like Hansel-and-Gretel’s trails

Golf tees in the flowerbeds

Among the mulch and snails

Golf tees in my car

And underneath the mats

Golf tees in the backseat

Like little baseball bats

But when I am at the golf course

I ask my partner, like a louse…

“May I borrow some of your tees? "

I left mine at the house!

Larry Buddin

Poem about Golf : Golf Tees Lament



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