Poem about Red : A Take on Red

Poem about Red : A Take on Red :

Red for blood –

Pumping out a life;

Paling in a death;

Blushing in a feminine face –

Flushing out her puberty;

Stain a presage for the mother ready.

And red, a flag of hatred in the eye –

The brutal other side –

Blood-release of war;

The sundered heart!

But then the red of simple dress

To give a beauty all she needs –

And flaming hair

And flimsy lace of underwear

And passion in the wanton heart

And dreams of crimson stockinged legs apart –

The rawness in the fantasy that

Only red can be.

And I? To only seek for Autumn

Bleeding in her many hues

Of red and other sister colours –

Those of tiring summer;

The fall of evening chill,

To wake with mist of morn,

Until cerise of dawn

Presents another day.

By Mark R Slaughter

Poem about Red : A Take on Red