Poem about Sea : Sea Facts!

Poem about Sea : Sea Facts! :

It is known sea food

Puts you in sea mood

It is known the sea floor

Extends to a sea shore

These are common sea facts

Like when sea waves are calm and free

Crashing to the shore endlessly attracts

Everyone to take of in jest and flee

See not and hear not, there is no evil

Above and below sea level

Most seaports

Have a seaside resort

And most seafronts

Have a sea restaurant

But many rooms with a sea view

Are yet to see a sea rescue

Or watch a sea adventure

With any or at least one sea creature

Like a sea mammal

Or a sea animal

These are common sea facts

The sea has such beauty to attract

With sea shells

Woven from sea spells

To treasured sea beds

And to cherubic sea birds

You need seamanship

To take a sea ship on a trip

Or fly a seaplane

As a sea captain

There have been sea battles and sea bandits

The sea is a venue people love to use to meet

There have been sea monsters and seaquakes

Believe you me some of these myths are not fake

And now I have given you a little sea taste

I urge you not to let these sea facts go to waste

These are common sea facts

On your knowledge they most have made an impact!

Sylvia Chidi

Poem about Sea : Sea Facts!