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Poetry Vocabulary for 8th November :

  1. Subversive (adj.) : tending to subvert

  2. Subvert (v) : overthrow, ruin, destroy

  3. Succeed (v) : come after, win a goal achieve, to be the heir of

  4. Succeeding (adj.) : following in order

  5. Success (n): accomplishment, attainment of one’s purpose, good fortune

  6. Succession (n): the happening or coming of one thing right after the other, the line of descendants

  7. Successive (adj.) : consecutive, following in order

  8. Successor (n) : one who or that which follows in succession, heir

  9. Succinct (adj.) : brief, terse, short, concise

  10. Succour (n): aid, help, relief given in time of distress, the person who brings relief or helps

  11. Succumb (v) : give way, yield, die

  12. Such (adj.) : of the like kind, similar

  13. Such (pron.) : that the thing or action referred to

  14. Suck (v) : draw into the mouth by working the lips and the tongue, dissolve in the mouth

  15. Suckle (v) : nurse at the breast

  16. Sudden (adj.) : unexpected, quick, rapid

  17. Suds (n & pl) : bubbles in soap water

  18. Sue (v) : to take action against some one through the law court, to seek to win in marriage

  19. Suet (n): hard fat taken from the kidneys and loins of cattle and sheep

  20. Suffer (v) : undergo, endure, be affected by

  21. Sufferance (n) : endurance, toleration, permission

  22. Suffering (n): distress, loss, injury pain

  23. Suffice (v): to be sufficient, satisfy

  24. Suffix (n): a small part added to the end of the word

  25. Sufficiency (n): the state of being sufficient, a competency

  26. Sufficient (adj.) : enough, adequate, qualified, competent

  27. Suffocate (v) : stifle, choke

  28. Suffrage (n) : vote, consent, expresses by voting, right of voting

  29. Suffuse (v) : to overspread

  30. Sugar (n) : a sweet substance, obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet

  31. Suggest (v): hint or imply, bring something to someone’s mind or thought

  32. Suggestion (n): a thought or idea, proposal

  33. Suicidal (adj.) : injuring one’s own life or interest

  34. Suicide (n) : self-murder, self-murder

  35. Suitable (adj.) : adapted, fitting, agreeable, adequate

  36. Suite (n) : a group of personal attendants, set of rooms

Poetry Vocabulary for 8th November :

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