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Positive Words for 21st December :

  1. Weal (n) : state of being healthy and prosperous

  2. Wealthy (adj.) : possessing wealth, rich

  3. Wean (v) : accustom to such nourishment other than the mother’s milk, withdraw from any desire, discontinue or give up any habit

  4. Weapon (n) : an instrument of offence or defence, an instrument for causing bodily injury

  5. Wearied (adj.) : tired, exhausted

  6. Weariness (n) : exhaustion, fatigue

  7. Wearisome (adj.) : fatiguing, tiresome

  8. Weary (adj.) : tired, causing, tiredness

  9. Weary (v) : make or become weary

  10. Weasel (n) : a small carnivorous animal like the polecat feeding on mice, moles, rats, etc.

  11. Weather (n) : condition of the atmosphere with regard to temperature, pressure, moisture, etc.

  12. Weather beaten (adj.) : affected by the weather

  13. Weathercock (n) : a vane, a figure that turns with the wind and points its direction

  14. Weave (v) : form into a fabric by interlacing threads, yarns, etc, in a loom, work into a fabric

  15. Weaver (n) : one who weaves or makes a fabric

  16. Webbed (adj.) : having toes united by membrane

  17. Webfoot (n) : a foot with the toes webbed

  18. Wed (v) : marry, unite intimately

  19. Wedded to (adj.) : devoted to

  20. Wedding (n) : marriage

  21. Wedge (n) : a metal or wooden device (v-shaped) to split wood

  22. Wedge (v) : fix or fasten tightly with a wedge

  23. Wedlock (n) : matrimony

  24. Wednesday (n) :the fourth day of the English week

  25. Wee (adj.) : trifle, very, small

  26. Week (n) : a period of seven days

  27. Weed (n) : any troublesome, useless plant, cigar

  28. Weed (v) : to clear off weeds

  29. Weekday (n) : any day of the week, except Sunday

  30. Ween (v) : opinion, think

  31. Weep (v) : to shed tears

  32. Weft (n) : the woof, threads running crosswise in a fabric

  33. Weevil (n) : a small beetle with a hard shell

  34. Weigh anchor (v) : lift the anchor and start journey

  35. Weighty (adj.) : heavy, impressive, important, momentous

  36. Weird (adj.) : skilled in witchcraft

  37. Weird (n) : fate, destiny

  38. Weld (n) : joint made by welding

  39. Weld (v) : joint two pieces of metal by welding

Positive Words for 21st December :

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