Possessives of Plurals

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Possessives of Plurals :

Most plural nouns already end in s. To create their possessive, simply add an apostrophe after the s:

  • The Pepins' house is the big blue one on the corner.

  • The lions' usual source of water has dried up.

  • The gases' odors mixed and became nauseating.

  • The witches' brooms were hidden in the corner.

  • The babies' beds were all in a row.

  • With nouns whose plurals are irregular, however, you will need to add an apostrophe followed by an s to create the possessive form.

  • She plans on opening a women's clothing boutique.

  • Children's programming is not a high priority.

  • The geese's food supply was endangered.

  • But with words that do not change their form when pluralized, you will have to add an -s or -es.

  • The seaweed was destroyed by the fishes' overfeeding.

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