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Power Words for 31st December :

  1. Zeal (n) : enthusiasm, ardour

  2. Zealot (n) : a blind enthusiast, a fanatic

  3. Zealous (adj.) : ardent, enthusiastic

  4. Zebra (n) : an African wild animal related to the horse with dark brown stripes

  5. Zebu (n) : the humped ox

  6. Zenana (n) : a part of the house where the woman live

  7. Zenith (n) : the highest point, the point in the sky right above ones head

  8. Zephyr (n) : the west wind, a gentle breeze, a fine light weight cloth

  9. Zeppelin (n) : German warship

  10. Zero (n) : cipher, nothing, the lowest point

  11. Zest (n) : relish, taste, interest

  12. Zigzag (adj.) : having sharp quick turns

  13. Zinc (n) : a bluish white metal

  14. Zither (n) : a stringed musical instrument

  15. Zodiac (n) : an imaginary zone or belt in the sky within which the sun, moon and the planets move

  16. Zone (n) : a belt

  17. Zoo (n) : a place where wild animals are kept for public showing

  18. Zoologist (n) : one versed in zoology

  19. Zoology (n) : the science of animal life

  20. Zoroastrianism (n) : the religious system of the Parsees

  21. Zulus (n): a tribe living in South Africa

  22. Zygodant (adj.) : concerning the molars, like the molar teeth

  23. Zymogen (n) : a ferment

  24. Zymoid (adj.) : possessing the characteristics of Zymogen

  25. Zymosis (n) : fermentation

  26. Zymotic (adj.) : relating to or produced by fermentation

  27. Zymurgy (n) : the chemistry of brewing, distilling and wine making

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