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Powerful Vocabulary for 10th July :

  1. Mitigate (v) : to make less severe

  2. Mix (v); blend, mingle

  3. Mixture (n) : a mass of different substances blended together, a liquid medicine with several ingredients

  4. Mnemonic (adj.): helping to remember a thing

  5. Mnemonic (n) : something which helps to keep in memory

  6. Moan (v); groan, lament

  7. Moan (n) : a groan, wail

  8. Moat (n) : trench filled with water for defence

  9. Mob (n): a disorderly crowd

  10. Mob (v) : to attack, assemble in mob

  11. Mobile (adj.): moving, able to be moved, changing place to place

  12. Mobility (n): quality of moving easily

  13. Mobilize (v): collect together for use, together troops

  14. Moccasin (n): soft leather made from deer skin, shoes made from deer skin

  15. Mock (v) : ridicule, laugh at, imitate or mimic

  16. Mock (n) : sneer

  17. Mock (adj.) : unreal, counterfeit

  18. Mockery (n) : the act of making fun of somebody or something

  19. Mode (n) : way, fashion, manner

  20. Model (n) : pattern, example(to be copied)

  21. Model (v) : shape, mould

  22. Moderate (adj.): mediocre

  23. Moderate (v) : to becomes less violent

  24. Modern (adj.) : of the present times, up-to-date; (opp.) : ancient

  25. Modest (adj.) : moderate, humble, not boastful

  26. Modesty (n): humility, decency, shyness

  27. Modify (v) : change, qualify

  28. Modify (n) : modification

  29. Modulate (v) : regulate, change the tone of voice

  30. Moist (adj.) : damp, humid, wet

  31. Moisten (v): make moist

  32. Moisture (n) : dampness

  33. Molar (n) : teeth used for grinding food

  34. Molasses (n) : (pl taken as sing): thick syrup obtained from sugar or Jaggery under manufacture

  35. Mole (n): permanent small dark spot on the human skin, a small burrowing animal

  36. Molecule (n) : the smallest particle of matter(group of atoms)

  37. Molest (v) : trouble or annoy intentionally

  38. Molten (adj.): melted

  39. Moment (n) : instant, importance

  40. Momentary (adj.): lasting for a moment, passing

  41. Momentous (adj.) : important serious

  42. Momentum (n) : inducement to motion

  43. Monarch (n) : a supreme ruler

  44. Monarchy (n) : government by a monarch, country governed by monarch

  45. Monastery (n): building in which monks live, an abbey

  46. Monday (n) : the day of the week next to Sunday

Powerful Vocabulary for 10th July :

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