Powers of The Hermit

Powers of The Hermit :

Once, a hermit lived in a forest. He meditated for many years. Gods were so happy with his devotion that they gave him various powers to be used when needed. Initially the hermit was a humble person but as he gained powers, he became very proud of himself.

One day he had to go to a nearby city for some work. So the hermit left the forest. He walked a while and soon reached the bank of a river. He looked around and saw a boat and boatman. He was about to hire the boat to cross the river when he saw a sage meditating on the other bank. The hermit tried to show off and used his power to walk across over the river surface. Then he went to the sage and said, "Did you see, how I used my power to walk on water? Can you do this?"

"Yes, of course, I can. But I think you wasted your precious power here. You could have crossed the river by simply paying rupees fifty to the boatman."

Though the proud hermit felt insulted but he realized that pride always has negative results.

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