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Precis Writing of the following passage.

There are different types of forests in India. So, the products received from these forests are also several. The following are some of the forest products which are important in the growth and development of industries.

Forest products and the industries based on them :

(i) Timber : Timber from the forest are utilised in building activities, industries and in carpentry workshops. In Andaman Islands, Asia’s largest saw mill has been in operation.

(ii) Rubber : Rubber trees are grown in large numbers on the Western Ghats. As a consequence, there are a large number of industries dependent on rubber in the Peninsular India.

(iii) Wood Pulp : Wood pulp is made from the wood of the forests and paper is manufactured from the pulp. Paper mills are large in number in the States of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh, in the city of Nepa in Madhya Pradesh, there is a newsprint industry.

(iv) Lac and Wax : Lac and Wax are forest products and they are used in manufacturing paints. Thus a number of industries make use of forest products.

(v) And for the growth of the cottage industries the forests have been responsible in many an instance.

Answer :

Rough Draft :

There are different types of forest – The products are several – Forest products develop industries – Timber is used in building activities – Rubber trees grown in large quantities on the Western Ghats – in peninsular India there are many industries which depend on rubber – Wood pulp is made from the trees of the forests and is useful for making paper – There are paper mills in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and in many states. There is a newsprint industry in Nepa. Lac and wax are used in making paints. The forests are responsible for the growth of cottage industries.

Forest Products

Fair Draft :

Many forest products are useful to man. Timber, rubber, Wood pulp, Lac and Wax are some of them, Timber is used for building activities. Rubber is useful for making many things. Wood pulp is used for making paper. Lac and Wax are used in making paints. There are many industries in Wax India which depend on forest products.
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