Preposition BEFORE

Grammar Index : 2

We have presented few sentences with Preposition BEFORE.

Examples :

  • Dhoni was knocked out before the wicket.

  • We moved to London before the war.

  • Before I had dinner I read an interesting article.

  • He had to appear before the judge last Tuesday.

  • You have to come before your daughter.

  • I got up from bed before I got dressed up.

  • The number 99 comes before 100.

  • I make a fire before I roast bread.

  • I warm up the tea-pot before I make tea.

  • I wash my hands before I eat.

  • I switch off my light before I go to bed.

  • November comes before December.

  • What comes before 35?

  • What is the need to pay the amount before you get admission?

  • He eats before he leaves for office.

  • They conduct a poll before they go to election.

  • The News Bulletin comes before the Feature Film.

  • Who comes before she comes?

  • What stands before the bus?

  • Where was he before he joined our company?

    Grammar Index : 2

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