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Prepositions :

Prepositions are words that show a relationship between a noun or a pronoun and another in the sentence.

  • They have come to meet you.

  • We are going after money.

  • The dog is under the table.

  • He is looking at me.

  • The car is going towards the canal.

  • We have to stay in USA.

  • They stand before your father.

    Kinds of Prepositions :

    I. Simple Prepositions

    II. Compound Prepositions

    III. Phrasal Prepositions

    Preposition helps to express the following.

    Place :

    The cat is under the table.

    The toys are on the table.

    Time/Duration :

    He met his old aunt during his stay in Germany.

    Rose reaches school at 8 o’clock.

    Direction :

    The mouse ran to the hole.

    The thief escaped from the police station last night.

    Purpose/Use :

    Mother is cutting vegetables with a knife.

    These stories are interesting for children.

    Examples :

    1. The pot is made of clay.

    2. Arun was looking for his friend.

    3. Asha comes from school.

    4. Seetha is going to library.

    5. The pen is on the table.

    6. She will come on Sunday.

    7. India won freedom in 1947.

    8. They will return at sunset.

    9. He went to school by walk.

    10. She writes with the pen.

    11. He is the son of an Engineer.

    12. His mother died of cholera.

    13. I got off the train.

    14. He ran across the road.

    15. Cauvery runs through Trichy.

    16. She put her purse on the table.

    17. He went outside the hall.

    18. It is good for health.

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