Present Perfect Tense

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Present Perfect Tense :

General Form :

Subject + has / have + Past Participle

He / She / It / All Singular subjects ---- has + Past Participle

I / We / You / They / All Plural subjects ---- have + Past Participle

Where and when to use Present Perfect Tense :

  1. It is used to indicate actions completed in the immediate past, the present perfect tense with the adverb JUST may be used.

    Examples :

    He has just gone out.

    It has just struck twelve.

    We have just started our breakfast. Do please join us.

  2. It is used to describe an action which began in the past and is still continuing.

    Examples :

    Kannan has lived in Trichy for two years. (That means Kannan is still living in Trichy)

    The film has made a lot of profit this year.

    I have not eaten anything for five hours.

    Chitra has not visited her uncle since Sunday.

  3. It is used to indicate periods of time that began in the past and extend to the present (with different adverbials).

    Examples :

    My brother hasn’t come home since 97.

    There has been no rain here for six months.

    I have not met my grandmother since June.

    My friend has not come to my house since last month.

    The owner of the shop has been ill for ten days.

  4. It is used to refer to experiences for which no definite time(or date)in the past need be given.

    Examples :

    I have always spoken the truth.

    I have never touched a cigarette in my life.

    Have you ever walked into a long tunnel?

    I have read only parts of the Mahabharata.

The presence of the following Key words indicates the existence of Present Perfect Tense in that sentence.

  • Just

  • Just now

  • Till

  • Till now

  • So far

  • Up to now

  • Yet

  • Already

  • Lately

  • Recently

  • Ever

  • Never

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