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  1. All our pride is but a jest.
    None are worst and none are best.
    Grief and hope and joy and fear
    Play their pageant everywhere.
    (Thomas Campion : 1567-1620)

  2. Pride comes from an achievement that does not depend on others approval. It is the hard-earned approval we grant ourselves. It prods us to distance ourselves from the herd. People claim they are proud because they are gay, black, female, white, whatever all of which are accidents of nature. Real pride makes us distinctive, even if only in our mind's eye.
    (Pat Jordan)

  3. Do not give way to pride
    For a brief while your strength is in bloom.
    But it fades quickly and soon there will follow
    Illness or the sword to lay you low
    Or a sudden fire or a surge of water
    Or jabbing blade or javelin from the air
    Or repellent age. Your piercing eye
    Will dim and darken; and death will arrive,
    Dear warrior, to sweep you away.
    (Beowulf : 8th century Old-English Narrative : Translated by Seamus Heaney)
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