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Professional Vocabulary for 12th July :

  1. Mope (v) : to be dull

  2. Mopish (adj.) : dull, spiritless

  3. Moraine (n) : rocks and gravel’s on the edge of glaciers

  4. Moral (adj.): that which a story teaches, principles of right and wrong

  5. Morale (n): mental make-up sustaining courage

  6. Morality (n) : moral science

  7. Morals (n) : manners, conduct

  8. Morbid (adj.) : sickly, not healthy

  9. More (adj.) : existing in greater quantity, amount or degree, additional

  10. Moreover (adv.): further, besides in addition

  11. Moribund (adj.) : about to die dying

  12. Morn (n) : the first part of the day

  13. Morning (n) : the first part of the day

  14. Morning star (n): Venus, a bright star seen at the dawn

  15. Morocco (n): a fine leather made from goat skin

  16. Morose (adj.) : sullen, surely, gloomy

  17. Morphia (n) : a drug used to deaden pain or to cause sleep

  18. Morrow (n): after any given day

  19. Morse (n): a code of signals used in signalling and telegraphy

  20. Morsel (n) : a mouthful, a small bit

  21. Mortal (adj.) : subject to death, deadly

  22. Mortality (n): death, death rate, number of death

  23. Mortgage (n) : security for payment of debt or loan

  24. Mortify (v) : humiliate, hurt

  25. Mortise (v & n) : hole in a frame work designed to receive the end of some other part

  26. Mortuary (v) : a room in which dead bodies are kept temporarily

  27. Mosque (n): a place of worship for Muslims

  28. Mosquito (n): a small blood-sucking insect

  29. Moss (n): lichens

  30. Most (adj.): superlative of MUCH and MANY

  31. Most (adv.): superlative of MUCH and MANY

  32. Mostly (adv): in the main, for the most part

  33. Mote (n): a small particle of dust

  34. Moth (n): a sort of winged insect flying at night

  35. Mother (n): the female parent, female head of a religious house, source

  36. Mother-in-law (n) : the mother of one’s husband of wife

  37. Motherland (n): one’s native land

  38. Motherly (adj.): kind, affectionate, characteristic of the mother

  39. Mother-of pearl (n) : the hard shining material which forms inside certain shells

  40. Mother-tongue (n) : one’s native language

  41. Motion (n): movement, change of place, proposal made in an assembly

Professional Vocabulary for 12th July :

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