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Professional Vocabulary for 13th July :

  1. Motive (n) : that which tends to action, design

  2. Motive (adj.) : causing action

  3. Motley (adj.): of various colours, of varied characters

  4. Motor (n) : a machine or engine which produces energy or motion

  5. Motor (v) : go by a motor-car

  6. Mottled (adj.): having spots of many colours

  7. Motto (v) : a text, inscription, a maxim

  8. Mould (v) : cast, give shape, form

  9. Mould (n) : a cast, loose soft earth

  10. Moult (v) : to shed hair, skin or feathers

  11. Mound (n) : mass of piled of earth, small hill

  12. Mount (n) : a mountain, hill

  13. Mount (v) : climb on, ascend, place upon, mound guard

  14. Mountaineering (n): the art of climbing mountains

  15. Mountainous (adj.) : having mountains

  16. Mountebank (n): a pretender

  17. Mourn (v) : feel sorrow, lament

  18. Mournful (adj.) : very sad, sorrowful

  19. Mournful (adv.) : mournfully

  20. Mourning (n) : grief, act of expressing sorrow at death

  21. Mouse (n): a sort of small rodent

  22. Moustache (n) : growth of hair on the upper lip of a man

  23. Mustache (n) : growth of hair on the upper lip of a man

  24. Mouth (n): the organ through which food is taken and through which we speak

  25. Mouth (v) : devour, utter

  26. Mouth piece (n) : the part of an instrument through which one talks

  27. Movable (adj.) : that can be moved

  28. Move (v) : shift from a place

  29. Move (n) : change in position

  30. Movement (n): change of place

  31. Movie (n) : cinema picture

  32. Moving (adj.) : affecting, stirring, one’s feelings

  33. Mow (v) : cut grass, harvest

  34. Mow (n) : a haystack, a heap of corn

  35. Mown (adj.) : cut

  36. Mown (p.p.) : cut

  37. Much (adj.) :great in quantity or amount

  38. Much (n) : a large amount a great extent

  39. Muck (n): dirty

  40. Mucus (n): a slimy fluid

  41. Mud (n) : wet earth

  42. Muddle (n): state of confusion and disorder

  43. Muddle (v) : to confuse

  44. Muezzin (n): Mohammedan priest who calls out the prayer hours

  45. Muff (n): a stupid, useless fellow

  46. Muffin (n) : a kind of soft cake

  47. Muffle (v): cover for warmth, suppress sound (of bell, etc) by covering

  48. Muffler (n): comforter, cravat, kerchief

  49. Mufti (n) : a Muslim priest, ordinary clothes contrasted with uniform

  50. Mug (n) : a jug, a drinking vessel

  51. Muggy (adj.): foggy

Professional Vocabulary for 13th July :

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