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Professional Vocabulary for 14th July :

  1. Mulberry (n) : tree with dark green leaves on which silk worms feed

  2. Mulct (n): a fine

  3. Mule (n): the offspring of a horse and an ass, an obstinate person

  4. Mullet (n): a small sea fish

  5. Multicoloured (adj.) : of various colours

  6. Multifarious (adj.) : many and various

  7. Multiplication (n) : the act of multiplying, increase in number

  8. Multiplicity (v) : being great in number

  9. Multiply (v) : increase many times add a number or quantity to itself a number of times

  10. Multitude (n): greatness of number

  11. Mum (inter): hush

  12. Mum (adj.): silent

  13. Mum (n) : silence

  14. Mumble (v): mutter

  15. Mummy (n) : mother, dead body preserved from decay

  16. Mumps (n) : in disease with painful swellings in the neck

  17. Munch (v) : chew

  18. Mundane (adj.) : belonging to the world

  19. Municipal (adj.) : of a city having self-government

  20. Munificent (adj.) : generous, liberal

  21. Munition ( military supplies

  22. Mural (adj.) : picture painted on a wall

  23. Murder (n) : unlawful killing

  24. Murder (v) : put to death unlawfully out of malice

  25. Murk (n) : darkness, gloom

  26. Murky (adj.) : gloomy

  27. Murmur (v) : speak within the mouth, mutter, grumble

  28. Murrain (n) : a contagious disease among cattle

  29. Muscle (n) : the fleshy fibre in animals, brawn

  30. Muse (n): goodness presiding over poetry and art, poetic inspiration

  31. Muse (v) : meditate

  32. Museum (n) : a building where interesting and rare things are set out for show

  33. Mushroom (n) : an edible fungus, an upstart

  34. Mushroom (adj.) : short-lived

  35. Music (n): melody, any sweet agreeable sound

  36. Musician (n): a person skilled in music

  37. Musk (n) :a strong scented substance got from the male deer

  38. Musket (n) : a hand gun

  39. Muslin (n) : a light-weight cotton fabric

  40. Mussel (n) : a shellfish

  41. Mussulman (v) : a Muslim

  42. Must (v): should be obliged, ought to

  43. Mustard (n) : a plant yielding small black pungent seed(s) used in condiments and cooking

  44. Muster (v): assemble

  45. Musty (adj.) : mouldy, having a damp smell

  46. Mute (adj.) : making no sound, speechless, dumb

Professional Vocabulary for 14th July :

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