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A pronoun is a word that is used to represent a noun.

Pronoun means for-a-noun.

Example-1 :

Ramu is not a member of this organization.

In this sentence the word Ramu is the name of a person. So Ramu is a noun. When we write about the same person in the following sentence, we use the word He.

So, he could not attend the meeting meant only for the members.

In this sentence the word he represents Ramu.

He is a pronoun.

Example-2 :

Sri Lanka is a big island. It has many tourist-attractions.

In these sentences, Sri Lanka is a noun.

It is a pronoun.

Example-3 :

I do not know why he did not continue his studies. It is a mystery for many of us.

In these sentences, the phrase why he did not continue his studies is noun but in phrase form.

It is a pronoun.


Oxygen is essential for life on earth. It is a purifying element.

In these sentences, the word oxygen is a noun.

The word it is pronoun.

Grammar Index : 2

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