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Pronounce English Words for 30th June :

  1. Malignity (n) : evilness, rancour, enmity

  2. Malinger (v): to pretend to be sick

  3. Malison (n) : a curse

  4. Mall (n): a bog wooden hammer, sheltered path

  5. Malleable (adj.) : that can be beaten in to leaves

  6. Mallet (n): hammer with a wooden head

  7. Mallow (n): wild plant with soft downy leaves

  8. Malnutrition (n) :under feeding

  9. Malodorous (adj.): ill-smelling

  10. Malpractice (n): bad proactive, dishonest action

  11. Malt (n) :grain allowed to sprout, steeped in water and dried in a kiln

  12. Maltreat (v) : treat roughly or unkindly

  13. Mamma (n): mother

  14. Mama (n): mother

  15. Mammal (n) : an animal which suckles the young

  16. Mammon (n): the god of wealth of Syrians, wealth

  17. Mammoth (adj.): immense, gigantic

  18. Mammoth (n) : a large elephant now extinct

  19. Mammy (n) : mother

  20. Man (n): adult male human being

  21. Man (v) : supply with men for service of defence

  22. Manacle (n): handcuffs, fetters

  23. Manage (v) : conduct, govern, control

  24. Manager (n): one who manages, one who directs and controls

  25. Mandarin (n): a high Chinese government official, an orange, a Chinese language

  26. Mandate (n): a command, an order

  27. Mandolin (n): a musical instrument with strings

  28. Mandrake (n): poisonous plant that brings sleep when eaten

  29. Mane (n): the long hair growing on the back of the neck of horse, lion etc.

  30. Man-eater (n) : one who or that which eats man

  31. Manful (adj.) : brave, bold

  32. Manganese (n): a hard, brittle light grey metal

  33. Mange (n) : a skin disease in hairy animals

  34. Manger (n) : a large box or trough form which horses and cattle feed in a stable

  35. Mangle (n) : a rolling press

  36. Mangle (v) : hack, bungle

  37. Mango (n) : an Indian tree, or its edible fruits

  38. Mangrove (n): a species of tree growing in muddy swamps on tropical coasts

  39. Manhandle (v): treat roughly with force

  40. Manhole (n): a hole through which a man can, get in

  41. Mania (n): violent madness

  42. Maniac (n): mad or crazy person

  43. Manicure (n): care of the hands and fingernails

Pronounce English Words for 30th June :

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