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Pronunciation of English Words for 3rd July :

  1. Massacre (n): great slaughter

  2. Massage (n) : kneading and rubbing of the body

  3. Massive (adj.): large

  4. Mast (n) : the tall upright pole of a ship supporting the sails, etc.,

  5. Mastaba (n): ancient Egyptian tomb

  6. Master (n) : a teacher

  7. Master (v) : to control over, to gain

  8. Masterly (adj.): highly skilful

  9. Masterpiece (n): the best performance

  10. Mastery (n) : full bearing, skill

  11. Masticate (v) : chew

  12. Mastiff (n) : a large watch dog

  13. Mat (n) : flat material of fibre, straw, etc.,

  14. Matchless (adj.): unrivalled

  15. Matchlock (n) : a gun fired by a match

  16. Mate (n) : a companion, either the husband or the wife

  17. Material (adj.): made of matter or substance

  18. Material (n) : substance

  19. Materialize (v) : to happen, to be fulfilled

  20. Maternal (adj.): relating to mother, through mother’s side

  21. Maternity (n) : mother hood, lying in hospital

  22. Mathematician (n): an expert in mathematics

  23. Mathematics (n) : the science of numbers

  24. Matinee (n) : an afternoon entertainment

  25. Matricide (n) : the murder of one’s own mother

  26. Matrimony (n): state of being married

  27. Matrix (n) : a mould in which metal is poured to be shaped

  28. Matron (n) : an elderly married woman, a hospital head nurse

  29. Matter (n) : a substance

  30. Matter (v) : signify, import

  31. Mattock (n) : a pick-axe

  32. Mattress (n): a kind of soft bed or cushion

  33. Mature (adj.): ripe, complete, perfect

  34. Maturity (n) : full growth, ripeness

  35. Maudlin (adj.): sentimental in a tearful way, half drunk

  36. Maul (v): wound, knock about, criticize vehemently

  37. Maund (n) : a measure of weight

  38. Mauve (n) : pale purple colour

  39. Mavis (n) : song-thrush

  40. Maw (n) : animal’s stomach

  41. Mawkish (adj.) : foolishly sentimental

  42. Maxim (n) : a rule or principle of conduct expresses shortly

  43. Maximum (n): greatest possible quantity, the highest point

  44. May (auxiliary verb) : expressing permission, probability or wish

  45. May (n) : the fifth month

  46. Maybe (adv): probably

  47. Mayor (n): head of Municipal Corporation

Pronunciation of English Words for 3rd July :

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