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Proper Noun :

A proper noun is a special name of a particular person, place, thing or event.

A proper noun always begins with a capital letter.

1. Rajan, Kavitha, Peter, Akbar, Arun, Mary (names of persons)

2. Maruti Car, Lipton Tea, Sony Television (names of things)

3. Mumbai, London, Paris, Agra, Singapore (names of places)

4. Olmpic Games, Common wealth Games (names of events)

Examples :

1. Rajan is a singer.

2. Ganesh is my friend.

3. Kamala is a fine dancer.

4. London is a big city.

5. Poomcholai is a big village.

6. Pilot is a beautiful pen.

7. Vaigai is a fast train.

8. India is our country.

9. The horse eats grass.

10. Lion lives in a den.
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