Prosperity Make Friends-Adversity Tries Them.

Prosperity Make Friends-Adversity Tries Them. :

When somebody prospers, many people get attracted to him. They will act as his well-wishers and friends with the selfish aim of sharing his wealth. But if some misfortune befalls him, all those people who had till then acted as his friends will desert him. Such selfish people are not true friends. A real friend will stand by him in times of joy as well as sorrow. He will never leave a person if some misfortune strikes him. Instead, he will try to help the unfortunate man as much as possible. Riches and prosperity attract people just like a magnet attracts iron finings. They will flock and cling to the person who has wealth. They will offer all sorts of false promises to him. Such friends will say that they are ready to give him as much money as he might need knowing that a wealthy man will never be in need of borrowed money. Even if they lend him money, they are sure that they will get back. A foolish man who is rich will take these selfish people for real friends. But real friends can only be recognized in times of adversity. His sincerity will reveal itself in such a time. Such a friend is invaluable. Unfortunately it is difficult to test a man whether he is sincere or not, unless such a time comes. So we should be careful in selecting friends. We should never rely on them too much. Prosperity is something that creates friends. Only adversity can test their sincerity.

Prosperity Make Friends-Adversity Tries Them.